Over 1 billion plastic t shirt bags are sold in the USA each year.  

Unfortunately only 2% of these bags get recycled.  Dsack is made with an additive called Oxo-Elite to help it degrade like paper bags.  

Under the proper conditions, this bag will degrade by breaking up into small fragments that the organisms can imbibe.  

Usually it takes a bag made from Polyethylene in a 12 micron to break down in approximately 30 years. 

Dsack can break down in 12 to 60 months under the proper conditions of light, moisture and heat in accordance with ASTM 6954.   Compare that to 30 years for a similar plastic bag that contains no additive and you are way ahead of the game.  

It costs less than compostable bags and uses less water and energy than paper bags. .   

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Oxo-Degradable Dsack

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Mother Earth wasn't made to house so much trash.  In 1988 there were over 8000 landfills nationally, today there is less than 1700.   We need to divert trash away from the landfills by reducing, reusing and recycling.   Please compost and please use Dsack, the degradable t sack from EarthSenseProducts.com