Avoid the bag bans...

Looking for T Sacks? You wont find them here... this is the home of the eco friendly take out bag, the Dsack

The Green Bag is a 100% PFA free, degradable T Shirt bag made in the USA

"D" for Degradable + "sack" for T Shirt Bag = Dsack 

The Dsack is a recyclable 1/6 T Shirt size bag made with a strong Hi Density poly with an OXO-additive to help it degrade much faster than normal poly bags.  Its composition also includes a percentage of recycled plastic to make it even more environmentally friendly. Together, this unique chemical composition and use of recycled material allows the Dsack to degrade in nature like a leaf, though we hope it never comes to that.  The Dsack can be recycled or disposed of in the same way as any plastic bag, but if it does make its way into nature it is designed to break down far more quickly and efficiently than a standard bag. 

Lower your carbon footprint and reduce road traffic with The Green Bag. It takes 14 trucks to carry the same amount of bags that can be carried on just one truck of Dsacks. Additionally, the Dsack uses domestically and locally produced 100% PFA free plastics to further reduce environmental footprint and ensure that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Packed 500 

The size is 11.5 x 6 x 22

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